NAHR Programs
This program encourages the use of the Ambling Horse as a trail or endurance
riding horse. We do this by recognizing the number of hours that applicants trail
ride on their NAHR horses. Participants receive various awards depending on the
number of hours they log with their registered Ambling Horse. NAHR relies on the
honor system for these logs. It is up to you to keep your logs and mail them in.
Whether riding alone, with a group, endurance ride, organized trail ride or theme
ride, the trail hours are acceptable.  We want you to promote your Ambling Hors!

ELIGIBILITY:  Only horses registered with the Natural Ambling Horse Registry  
are eligible to participate in this program.

A rider may enter as many of their ambling horses as they like as long as each
horse is entered in the ambling on the trail program.

Trail riding logs will only be accepted if submitted on the official NAHR Trail Rider
Log Sheet. Hours logged should be only for actual hours of trail riding. (Please do
not include hours the horse is not in movement.)

The awards will be presented as hours are completed.

100-900 MILES:  A certificate will be awarded every 100 miles.  Special
recognition will be given on the website.

1000 MILES: Applicant will awarded a certificate as well as a NAHR ball cap.  
Recognition will be given to the horse and rider on the website.

2500 MILES: Applicant will be awarded a certificate and a sweatshirt containing a
photo of their photo riding their NAHR registered horse. Recognition will be given
to horse and rider on the website.

5000 MILES:  Applicant will receive a certificate of completion, special recognition
on the website and best of all a FREE Lifetime Membership to NAHR!!!  

There will be a recognition on the NAHR web site for the riders accumulating the
most hours in each of the following age categories:

Riders 12 years and under

Riders 13 through 18

Riders 19 through 45

Riders 46 through 65

Riders 65 +

Riders age categories are determined by what age they are beginning January
1st of the year they are competing. In other words, if you are competing for trail
awards in the year 2010, the NAHR will consider you to be the age that you are on
January 1, 2013 as your age category.

Applicant's age 18 years and under must have permission from parent or
guardian to compete.

To register for this program, send the NAHR Trail Award Entry Form application in
with the $15. (fifteen dollars) per horse application fee made out to the NAHR.

Entries are also accepted using our Online Trail Awards Form.

Applications must be postmarked before the first hours are logged.   NO

Melanie Hamilton  for more information.  
Ambling on the Trail
Sire of the Year
, 2011 & 2012
Sire of the Year
Magics Golden Flash

The NAHR's Sire of the Year program honors the sire with the
most NAHR registered offspring each year. NAHR registered
stallions are automatically entered into the competition upon the
registration of any offspring with the NAHR.


Only NAHR registered stallions are eligible.

Only NAHR registered offspring are counted.

Offspring are counted for the year they are registered, not the
foaling date.

Numbers are tabulated on December 31st of each year.

Numbers are for one year only, they do not carry over to
the next year.

Recipient receives a trophy as well as recognition on the website.

Vonda Hamilton for more information.
Ambling on the Trail Entry Form
Ambling on the Trail Log Sheet